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Skin Therapist & Beautician

Make your perfect practice even better with High Power Laser Therapy treatments

Do you want to innovate and renew? That is possible with High Power Laser Therapy!

HPLT's High Power Lasers operate at a frequency of 810nm. Science has shown that High Power Laser Therapy at 810nm stimulates, optimizes and repairs the cell division and the production of new cells.

High Power Laser Therapy is in this way a perfect solution for healthy and radiant skin.

  Suitable for:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Animal physiotherapists

  Suitable for:

  • Veterinarians
  • Skin therapists
  • Beauticians
  • Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists

  Suitable for:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Animal physiotherapists
  • Veterinarians
  • Skin therapists
  • Beauticians
  • Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists

Possibilities laser therapy treatment for skin therapist / beautician and pedicure / manicure

In the field of skin disorders and problems, but also for skin improvement / rejuvenation and pedicure / manicure treatments.

Skin conditions:

Due to cell renewal, the skin recovers faster, it has a calming effect, reduces itching, red spots and flaky spots. This allows you to use laser therapy Eczema en Psoriasis treat well.





Laser therapy on the right color tackles inflammation and infections, accelerates the healing process in and on the skin, such as with Acne, Fibrositis, Cellulite and wondrous rose.

Also with herpes simplex (cold sore) laser therapy tackles the infection. If treated at an early stage, the cold sore will not erupt. In addition, it prevents itching and reduces blisters.

In addition, laser therapy is also suitable for the removal of capillaries, such as in: Couperose, Telangiectasia, Angioma and Capillaries. With the right laser handpiece you are able to sear the kegs shut.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition and unfortunately cannot be solved. What laser therapy can do is reduce the redness, bumps and pimples.

Skin issues:

Age spots/pigmentation spots/café au lait and freckles, caused by the sun and hormonal changes, can be treated with laser therapy. With the right laser handpiece, you are able to break the pigment apart into micro-sized pieces, after which the body's immune system can easily remove them.

But also for removing warts/steel warts can you use laser therapy. Extreme tissue growth is addressed by optimizing the cell.  

A laser therapy treatment is also suitable for the treatment of scarsThink of scars caused by acne, after surgery or after injuries. It also ensures that wounds close faster, reducing the risk of infection or inflammation. In addition, wounds heal better. For example: burns, abrasions and cuts and diabetes and pressure sores.

Skin improvement/rejuvenation:

Laser therapy also works very well for skin rejuvenation and an anti-wrinkle treatment. It ensures the production of new cells, collagen and elastin. In addition, it strengthens the facial muscles, making the skin tighter. As we age, more and more cells become damaged and are not repaired or replaced by new cells. This is because the mitochondria (the cells' energy batteries) are no longer fully charged. With laser therapy, the mitochondria of the cells are maximally charged.




An even better result is achieved if you rub the face with us before the laser treatment pure hyaluronic acid. Pure hyaluronic acid is a very effective substance that can attract and retain moisture in the skin. A single hyaluronic acid molecule can produce up to 1.000 times are
own weight of water, which is gradually released into the skin. So it plays a crucial role in keeping you well hydrated
of the skin. In addition, it ensures that the collagen in the skin is strengthened, with the ultimate result that the skin becomes softer, more radiant and elastic and looks fresher.

Laser therapy also provides skin improvement. The skin texture and color improves, the transport to and from the cells improves, the blood circulation improves and the waste products are better removed. In addition, you get a softer look and smoother skin.

Laser therapy is also a perfect complement to facial treatments. Prior to a facial treatment, active substances are better absorbed and the treatment has a much better effect. But also a facial massage can be performed with the special massage laser handpiece. This ensures better blood circulation and waste products are removed faster. A laser therapy treatment feels pleasantly warm, relaxes and is an experience in itself.

Pedicure/Manicure Treatment:

Fungal nails (fungal nails) are very stubborn. The regular treatment of this is often very time-consuming. Laser therapy can significantly shorten the treatment time. By using our blue High Power Laser, the fungi are killed and the affected nail will grow out.  


If you have any questions, please contact us or book a demo.

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Number of treatments

The number of treatments required depends on the depth of the wrinkles and the wishes of the customer. The result remains visible for a long time. Of course, this is partly determined by the skin type, living conditions and genes.
However, 1 treatment per week for 7 weeks can be used as a guideline.
Then repeat as required by the customer.



Photo 1† Before start

Photo 2. after 7 treatments with the High Power Laser





The treatment is complete painless, safe and, gives a pleasant heat and relaxfeeling. In addition, the treatment has no side effects. This is in contrast to other methods, such as botox and fillers, which are often accompanied by swelling, bruising and thickening of the skin. In addition, the natural result is often lost. This is not the case with laser therapy treatment.





High Power Laser Therapy in combination with Hyaluronic Acid

An even better result is achieved if you rub the face before the laser treatment with pure hyaluronic acid from Top+ Derm.
This pure biological hyaluronic acid ensures that the collagen in the skin is strengthened. The skin becomes softer, more radiant, more elastic and looks fresher.
In addition, use the day and night cream with hyaluronic acid against skin aging from Top+ Derm.




Stay real to a customer's expectations

With laser you can soften wrinkles, but you will not get away with deep grooves and folds, the natural look is preserved.

If you have any questions, please contact us or book a demo.

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Laser therapy has grown in popularity in recent years. Especially red and NIR (Near Infrared) light therapy is growing rapidly and there are many reasons for this.

More than 4.000 scientific and clinical studies on prove that laser treatments in humans and animals produce astonishing results and that pain complaints, infections and/or wounds disappear and/or heal in a faster and more efficient way compared to the more traditional approach through the use of drugs.

Reliable Scientific and Clinical Studies on Laser Therapy

Over the years, a huge amount of substantiated research has been done worldwide. A widely used reliable source for medical research is Pubmed. This database contains 30 million biomedical references from 80 countries. Pubmed is updated and maintained daily by US National Library of Medicine (NLM), the world's largest medical library.

The Founders of Laser Therapy


Below you will find a number of references to studies on the effect of High Power Laser Therapy.

View Research

The benefits for the practitioner:

  • Painless and safe treatment
  • The treatment has no side effects
  • The extra service makes you distinctive
  • More satisfied customers, who are your ambassadors
    for new customers

The benefits for the customer:

  • Painless and safe treatment
  • The treatment gives a pleasant warmth and relaxed feeling
  • No side effects
  • Natural result is preserved
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A High Power Laser is available to almost every healthcare professional

  • Our lasers are competitively priced
  • Payment in installments possible via our very attractive lease construction
  • A professional European competitively priced laser generating many new customers
  • High Return On Investment (we can show you how quickly you earn back the laser)
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Do you want to buy a laser, but is it not financially convenient right now?

Through our lease construction it is now possible to spread the payment for the laser. At the end of the lease period, the laser is yours.

The advantages:

  • Spread payments
  • Lease credit assessment within 24 hours
  • Handling lease requests completely digitally. Up to 100% financing of the High Power Laser possible.
  • The VAT can be pre-financed or co-financed
  • Benefit as an entrepreneur from various tax benefits.

The HPLT High Power Lasers are available in several wattages and already available from
€ 5.995, - or to lease from € 101, - per month.


As a specialist in healthcare, we offer you the perfect solution to provide customers with healthy and radiant skin through the use of High Power Laser Therapy. Our powerful High Power Laser penetrates deep into all tissues and therefore its applications are very extensive. High-quality laser therapy is revolutionary and already gives results after the first treatment in 95% of cases. Due to the special treatment head, our lasers have a higher power per cm2 than comparable lasers. This gives you faster and more effective results.

They are easy to use and equipped with countless pre-programmed laser therapy treatments including treatment protocols. In addition, you can easily add laser therapy treatments yourself and save them in the laser.

High Power Laser Therapy can be a perfect addition to your portfolio.

Hospitals, health and cosmetic related facilities around the world have been using laser treatments for a long time and are producing amazing results.

A tailor-made product

HPLT has a suitable High Power laser for every healthcare professional. To ensure that you receive a custom laser, we are happy to visit you for a demonstration without any obligation. If desired, it is also possible to treat you or your customer at your location or at our HPLT Academy. We take ample time to explain all facets of our High Power laser and of course Laser Therapy in general.

But HPLT goes a step further

Together we look at how we can best implement laser therapy in your practice. Not only with advice, but also with personal training on location and excellent service.

Is the investment currently not working out?

We are also happy to think along with you, for example by spreading your purchase financially over several months via a very attractive lease construction.

The benefits of HPLT

  • Our lasers are competitively priced.
  • Payment in installments possible through our very attractive lease construction.
  • A professional, European, competitively priced laser that generates many new customers.
  • High Return On Investment (we can show you how quickly you earn back the laser).
  • Our own Laser Academy with tailor-made courses and workshops.
  • Available 6 days a week for all your questions and laser therapy advice.



A High Power Laser works by means of a focused beam of light, which sends energy directly to the cells in the deeper layers under the skin.

The light enters the mitochondria of the cell and is absorbed by the chromophores, including the protein cytochrome c oxidase (OCC), which then increases the cell's activity.

As a result of this increased activity, three molecules are affected: adenosine triphosphate (ATP), reactive oxygen species (ROS) and nitric oxide (NO), which together ensure a faster and more effective recovery from pain, inflammation or infections. 

This scientifically proven process is also called: photobiostimulation of photobiomodulation.


Each wavelength has different properties

The color of light is shown in a light spectrum indicated as a wavelength in nanometers.

UV light falls within the range of 100nm to 380nm and is invisible to the eye.

The visible spectrum ranges from 381nm to 761nm. Infrared light ranges from 762nm to 1mm and is invisible to the eye. Each wavelength has its own properties.

HPLT's High Power Lasers use the wavelengths of 455 (Blue laser), 650 and 810nm (Red laser).


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Laser therapy can mean a lot for the healing and pain relief of many complaints. This applies to both Low Level and High Power Laser Therapy. Both are suitable for treating acute and chronic complaints.

Of a High Power Laser (class IV) is spoken when we talk about a laser with a power of 500mW and more. Other names for a High Power Laser are HPLT, HILT and High Intensity Laser.

If there is about a Low Level Laser (class III or 3B), we are talking about a laser with a power of less than 500mW. Other names for a Low Level Laser are LLLT, Soft laser and Cold laser.


  1. The laser handpiece must make direct contact with the skin. Has a shallow depth and is safe, effective only for superficial treatments.
  2. The power of the laser beam and the innovative handpiece ensure a quick and painless treatment. The laser goes deep, is safe and efficient for deep and superficial treatments.

Because a Low Level Laser may have a maximum power of 500mW, multiple laser diodes are used.

Many suppliers add up the laser diodes (in the picture on the right there are 8) and sell the Low Level Laser as a laser with more power and this is not correct.

The powers of 500mW cannot be added together.
An example: if you hang 2 60 Watt lamps in a room, they together give 60 Watts of light and not 120 Watts! This is no different with a laser.

By using multiple laser diodes, the surface area increases, but the laser does not go deeper.

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A Laser Therapy treatment with an HPLT High Power Laser is safe and en painless and there are no known side effects.

Of course, the laser must be used correctly, but that is no problem after the training you receive from us when the laser is delivered. In addition, our helpdesk is available 6 days a week for questions.

Laser beams are very powerful and are harmful to the eye, in particular the retina. Both the practitioner and the patient must use a special protective glasses during the laser treatment.


There are no known contraindications for laser therapy, but we are talking about relative contraindications.

Relative contraindications may include:

  • There is an unborn fetus (do not treat at that spot)
  • There are tumors

HPLT is a company that specializes in the development, production and sale of high-quality and very affordable medical High Power Lasers.

We are at the moment market leader in the Netherlands. On the basis of over 12 years experience, we advise you which laser suits you best.

For treatment of superficial complaints, but also for complaints that are deeper in the patient's body.

From professionals, for professionals

HPLT has gained a lot of experience in recent years and has received feedback from the healthcare professionals market with regard to points for improvement of our laser equipment, but also with regard to adjusting our software with regard to the treatment method and correct settings. We soon came to the conclusion that purchasing a ready-made High Power Laser and putting it on the market in the Netherlands was not sufficient to meet the wishes of the healthcare professional.

The development of a High Power Laser

At HPLT we are closely involved in the development of our lasers and the necessary software. In this way we can supply a reliable, user-friendly and not unimportantly very affordable High Power Laser for the healthcare professional.

Made in Italy:

HPLT's lasers are produced in Italy. The reason we choose Italy and not lasers from the Far East is that lasers from Italy are known for their quality and innovation. In addition, we can switch quickly when it comes to service and repair.

Price and quality

The High Power Laser from HPLT is the best professional laser available in the market at a very competitive price.

Laser therapy with 810nm as the gold standard scientifically proven

Stimulates cell production


Painless treatment

Scientifically proven

Citation Research High Power Laser Therapy (810Nm)

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