Gynecological Laser Handpiece (LVR)

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Gynecological Laser Handpiece (LVR)

Suitable for: Pelvic floor physiotherapy, scar tissues, incontinence, vaginal sagging, vaginal dryness and vaginal narrowing.

The laser, in contrast to surgery, can be used for the production and repair of the body's own collagen and improves the condition of the mucous membrane.

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Handpiece dimensions: stainless steel part: thickness: 12mm/length: 145mm | plastic part: thickness: 24mm/length: 150 mm
Material Laser handpiece: stainless steel/plastic
Fiber Length: 1.80 meter
Adjustable: No
Suitable for Wavelengths: 650-810 nanometers
Weight laser handpiece and fiber: 600 gr
Packing unit: 1 | Comes with 2 plastic insertion sleeves

Suitable for HPLT Laser series: HPLT Red & Duo series

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