HPLT Duo 7 Red/3 Blue High Power Laser

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The HPLT Duo High Power Laser is the ultimate laser for therapeutic treatments.

The Duo series uses 2 separate laser modules in one laser. This makes the laser extremely suitable for therapeutic treatments, bacterial infections and surgical procedures.

The HPLT Duo series uses 3 wavelengths (455/650/810nm). The HPLT Duo series is one of the few High Power Lasers that uses a separate laser module and laser handpieces for each wavelength. This makes the HPLT Duo series the most accurate High Power Laser available on the market.

The wavelength of 455nm is not absorbed by water, but only by melanin and hemoglobin in the body. This makes this wavelength very suitable for surgical procedures. Another property of this wavelength is that it tackles bacterial infections.

The wavelengths of 650nm en 810nm are optimally absorbed by the chromophores, including the protein cytochrome c oxidase (CCO), which increases the activity of the cell. This makes these wavelengths extremely suitable for accelerating the tissue healing process and ensures a more effective recovery from pain, inflammation and infections.



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Power: 7 Watts 810nm and 3 Watts 455nm

Wavelengths: 455, 650 and 810 nanometers

Laser class: IV Diode Laser

Operating mode: Continuous wave or pulsed with a pulse range from 1 to 30.000 Hz.

Handpiece lens diameter: 1cm, 3cm, massage head

The effect of the laser treatment is noticeable to a depth of: 12 cm

Service: bluetooth foot pedal and/or touchscreen

Nutrition: standard power supply and rechargeable Li-ion battery

Materials: robust aluminum radiation-free housing

Charging time: 3 hours

Screen Size: 10.1 inch touch screen; detachable

Dimensions: 20 cm x 26 cm x 23 cm (lxwxh)

Weight: 4.4 kg

With medical CE approval

Supplied as standard with an HPLT Duo Laser:

  • Large laser handpiece with 3 attachments: handpiece 1 cm | handpiece 3 cm | massage handpiece
  • Fiber with a length of 3 m
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • 2x Safety glasses (810nm)
  • 2x Safety glasses (455nm)
  • Trolley
  • 230V charger
  • Manual & Quick guide
  • Fiber cleaning set
  • Demonstration on delivery


  • Contact fiber with surgical handpiece
  • Wristband with on/off button
  • Integrated Wireless Echo

Extremely suitable for:

This laser can be used for damaged or inflamed tendons and joints, bursitis, wound and scar treatment, acute and chronic pain, and diabetes wounds. This makes this laser extremely suitable for physiotherapists.

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