Rehabilitation Long COVID-19 with HPLT Laser therapy

Rehabilitation Long COVID-19 with HPLT Laser therapy

Using laser therapy in the rehabilitation of Long COVID-19

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to control the coronavirus and the complaints people get when they are infected with COVID-19 are very diverse. 

Some people have long-lasting symptoms after they have had COVID-19. These complaints can last a few weeks, but sometimes also several months. However, its severity may diminish over time. The English term 'long COVID' is sometimes also used for long-term complaints after COVID-19. Long here means: 'long-term'.

By many people with Long COVID complaints, breathing seems to be blocked by a disturbed cooperation between the diaphragm and the muscles of the abdominal wall. 

The diaphragm is the big one respiratory muscle which lies like a dome under your lungs. After a COVID-19 infection, the diaphragm is often disrupted and feels painful. This is accompanied by shortness of breath.

There is a solution

Many physiotherapists make use of High Power Laser Therapy in addition to the regular treatments. Various medical studies worldwide show that a laser therapy treatment on a wavelength of 810 nanometers has a very positive effect on the recovery of patients who have long COVID complaints. 

By using HPLT Laser Therapy in the rehabilitation of patients with Long COVID complaints, you can help patients faster and more effective to treat. In addition, a laser therapy treatment is safe and painless.

The results of laser therapy in Long COVID-19 patients

Of the 75 patients treated with laser therapy for Long COVID-19, 70 have made a full recovery. This is a result of 93.4% and this makes laser therapy compared to other therapies above average successful

Fast results with laser therapy

The number of laser therapy treatments required to have a noticeable result naturally depends on the severity of the complaints. But in most cases the effect is already noticeable after 1 treatment.

Most patients need about 5 to 7 treatments and within a few weeks they are back to the level they were at before they got Long COVID-19.

Treatment protocol

The treatment protocol for Long COVID-19 is standard in the HPLT High Power Laser.  

Studies/Case reports Long COVID-19 rehabilitation with Laser Therapy

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